Poppy Seed Tea Drug Test

Poppy Seed Tea Drug Test: Intro

poppy seed fail drug test

Poppy seed tea is one of the most popular forms of herbal tea.  It has been used for thousands of years and serves several benefits.  One concern for poppy tea drinkers is whether or not drinking or eating poppy seeds can cause you to fail a drug test.  This post will go into detail discussing this topic.  You can learn everything about poppy seed tea here.

Will Poppy Seed Tea Make You Fail a Drug Test

Since poppy seed tea is made with poppy seeds from the opium poppy plant (Papaver somniferum), drinkers are consuming opiates when they consume this tea.  When you consume any form of poppy tea, you are consuming several opiate alkaloids.  If you take a drug test within 48 hours of drinking the poppy seed tea, you may actually test positive for opiates and fail you drug test.  If you have a drug test after 48 hours, you have a much lower chance of testing positive.

It is possible for the drug testing companies to differentiate whether or not your positive drug test is due to consuming poppy seeds versus other forms of opiates.  Poppy seeds contain a larger number of alkaloids, and they also contain different amounts of these alkaloids when compared to other opiates.  If care is taken, they will be able to determine that you consumed poppy seeds and didn’t consume other opiates such as pain meds or heroin.

What to Do With a Failed Drug Test

If you do end up failing your drug test, it is probably best to talk to the drug testing company and tell them that you consumed poppy seeds prior to taking the test.  It is not illegal to consume poppy seeds in the United States, so employers cannot take action against you for consuming these seeds.  As I stated above, the drug testing companies have the ability that your positive test is actually due to consuming poppy seeds versus other opiates.  They just need to take the time to analyze you sample closely.


Do you have experiences with drug testing after consuming any type of poppy tea?  Please share your experiences below.


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